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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Movie News: Live-Action Akira? No Thanks…

There are times when I simply want to grab the relevant people in Hollywood by the lapels, give them a damn good shake and say, very firmly, “No!” Every so often, someone in Hollywood will come up with a very bad or unwise idea – these projects bubble up out of nowhere, or they lurk […]

Video: ‘E.T.:X’ (A fan trailer for an E.T. sequel)

Fan trailers. There’s a bewildering number of recut, manufactured or satirical trailers out there – from the original Internet sensation of The Shining recut to become a touching family drama about Jack Nicholson reconnecting with his new foster-son, to the determined Nathan Fillion fan who cut together a fictitious trailer casting the actor as the […]

Movie Review: True Grit

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper ~ Writers/Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen ~ Rating: 15 ~ Year: 2010 The Lowdown: The Western rides again thanks to the Coen Brothers, who’ve taken a novel originally filmed in 1969 with John Wayne and turned it into a powerful and moody portrait of […]

Movie News: Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3?

I have to admit – I’m slightly perplexed by exactly how much love the movie version of Iron Man got. Make no mistake, it’s a fun and frothy blockbuster, but I was surprised by exactly how bowled over people were, when Jon Favreau has never struck me as the most dynamic or exciting director (although […]

Video: ‘Tis THOR That Commands! (A New ‘Thor’ Trailer)

You can almost sense Marvel Studio’s slight sense of nervousness about Thor. After all, while audiences flocked to Iron Man (and even to the less-than-ideal Iron Man 2), it’s a bit of a leap from Robert Downey Jr being a charmingly flawed hero in a mechanical suit to Norse Gods hurling hammers at each other […]

Video: Zombie Surprise (The jaw-dropping ‘Dead Island’ computer game trailer)

A computer game featuring Zombies is hardly news, nor is the fact that it’s obviously going to be insanely violent. The trailer for the upcoming Zombie game Dead Island, however, is something different. Computer game trailers like this have been getting more impressive over the last few years (Hell, the recent ones for upcoming MMORPG […]

Comic Review – Morning Glories : Volume One

Writer: Nick Spencer ~ Artist: Joe Eisma ~ Colours: Alex Sollazzo ~ Publisher: Image Comics ~ Year: 2010 The Low-Down: A sharp and witty cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Prisoner (with a running mystery that equals Lost for sheer pulp unfathomability), this high school saga is overcoming a few art-related issues and shaping […]

Video/Audio: Movie Tech-A-Go-Go (Sound and Vision – TRON: Legacy, The Social Network and Inception)

It’s time to indulge my love of finding out the fine details of how certain movies are made, and here’s a couple of videos I tracked down that give in-depth looks at aspects of two of the more attention-grabbing films of the last few months (admittedly, they’re attention grabbing for very different reasons). First up, […]

Video: Star Wars Begins

You can’t throw a brick on the internet without hitting a Star Wars-related image/cartoon/video somewhere. One of the most heavily watched in recent years is, of course, the Red Letter Media series of epic video reviews of the Prequels, most notably the one dealing with The Phantom Menace (which would be a dazzling piece of […]

Novel Review: The Dancers at the End of Time

Author: Michael Moorcock ~ Pages: 672pp ~ Publisher: Gollancz ~ Year: 1981 The Low-Down: A magical, whimsical and beautifully written trilogy of eccentric science fiction from one of fantasy literature’s biggest names, this is also a time-travel romance that’s witty, well-crafted and ultimately moving. What’s it About?: Far in the future, near the end of […]

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