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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Book Review: The Stars My Destination

Author: Alfred Bester ~ Length: 244 pp ~ Publisher: Gollancz ~ Originally Published: 1956 Reviewer: Saxon Bullock (aka @saxonb) What’s it About?: Stranded in space and left for dead, Gully Foyle is a brutal, beast-like nobody – and when a spacecraft refuses to rescue him, suddenly he finds a new reason to live. Finding his way back to Earth, Foyle embarks on a […]

Video: Star Wars Uncut

Once again, the Internet and the fans give me a reason to care about Star Wars again. One of those crazy projects that seems completely demented until you see the final product and realise that yes, people actually did this, Star Wars Uncut is a crowd-sourced version of the entire original 1977 film that takes […]

TV Flashback: Moondial (1988)

Ah, piracy. There are so many ways in which it’s a measurably bad thing, something we’d undoubtedly be better off without – but one thing that the world of copyright infringement is annoyingly good at is catching the things that fall through the cracks. Not everything stays in print, or easily available, and it’s amazing […]

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