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Schizopolitan: Episode 21 – Spectre of an Alien Doctor (The Alien Franchise, Doctor Who S9, James Bond and Spectre)

SHAKEN BUT NOT STIRRED! The Schizopolitan podcast roars back into view in its vintage Aston Marton DB5 to bring you another grab-bag of discussion, nerd chat, fierce opinions and big-time spoilers! First up, there’s a quick discussion of Ridley Scott’s recent (and rather odd) comments about the future of the Alien franchise, and whether or […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 18 – The Fantastic Nation of Impossible Rogues

FE4RSOME! F4BULOUS! FANT4STIC! The Schizopolitan team have voyaged to a confusing alternate dimension for no readily apparent reason and undergone wild transformations in order to bring you a new, surprisingly compact episode (only 65 minutes! Almost perfect lunch-hour listening!) in which Saxon and Jehan first examine the spectacular mess that is the new Fantastic Four […]

Movie Analysis: The Politics of Tomorrowland or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying If Brad Bird is an Objectivist

WARNING – some spoilers for Tomorrowland contained within. Politics can be a divisive business, and it’s no surprise that a lot of people simply hate talking about it, especially when it comes to appreciating and enjoying art and media. But it’s equally true that it’s frequently a topic that can’t really be avoided, especially since […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 11 – Jupiter Ascending & The Wachowski Problem…

DELAYED BUT NOT DEFEATED! Technology and circumstances may have gotten in the way, but Schizopolitan has returned with a new episode, recorded two weeks ago but finally released for your listening pleasure! Here, Saxon and Jehan tackle the colourful and bizarre world of SF movie extravaganza Jupiter Ascending, the latest blockbuster from the writer/directors of […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 10 – The Super-Duper Spider-Man Special

IT’S BACK! The Schizopolitan podcast returns, and this week has achieved the seemingly impossible by recording an episode that is only an hour long! This time around, Saxon and Jehan go in-depth on the recent news of the corporate team-up that means Spider-Man will now be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s the background […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 9 – Into The Woods, Big Hero 6, The Ghostbusters Reboot, and Superhero TV

IT’S BACK! The greatest podcast in the entire history of the universe (*citation needed) returns with its ninth episode of genial insanity! This time around, Saxon and Jehan tackle a wide variety of subjects, from fairy-tale musical Into the Woods and Disney animation Big Hero 6 to the casting announcement for the new all-female Ghostbusters […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 8 – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

It returns! The Schizopolitan podcast roars into 2015 with a fresh episode, in which Saxon and Jehan take on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies! Not only do they examine the latest Peter Jackson film in detail, they also us it to look back on the whole experience of Middle-Earth on film, and […]

RE: VIEW – Tron Legacy, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Films recently watched: TRON: LEGACY Shiny. So shiny. ALL THE SHINY. I hadn’t watched Tron: Legacy since seeing it in IMAX in 2010, and it’s still a fantastically odd film – a megabudget sequel to an oddball 1982 example of style over substance that was a cult favourite and a style classic but never what […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 7 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Terminator: Genisys and The Wicked + The Divine…

It returns! Once more, Saxon and Jehan hurl themselves into the heart of the pop culture maelstrom to discuss the latest SF/Fantasy pop culture happenings! This time, it’s a trailer special as they take on the recent burst of movie trailers for films upcoming in 2015 – along with an in-depth (and pretty much unavoidable) […]

Schizopolitan – The Podcast: Episode 5 – The Mad Max Trilogy Retro Special

It returns! The Schizopolitan podcast rides again, and this time Jehan and Saxon have cranked up their V8 Interceptor and blasted out of the Wastelands with a bunch of fetish-clad bikers on their tail, all so they can bring you a detailed examination of the Mad Max trilogy, the three post-apocalyptic cult classic movies that […]

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