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Book Review: The Stars My Destination

Author: Alfred Bester ~ Length: 244 pp ~ Publisher: Gollancz ~ Originally Published: 1956 Reviewer: Saxon Bullock (aka @saxonb) What’s it About?: Stranded in space and left for dead, Gully Foyle is a brutal, beast-like nobody – and when a spacecraft refuses to rescue him, suddenly he finds a new reason to live. Finding his way back to Earth, Foyle embarks on a […]

Book Review: Prince of Thorns

Author: Mark Lawrence ~ Length: 373 pp ~ Publisher: HarperCollins Voyager ~ Year: 2011 Reviewer: Laure Eve (aka @LaureEve) The Low-Down: A younger, snappier twist on the epic fantasy game, Prince of Thorns may not rock your world, but it’s still an impressive work from a debut author, and marks the arrival of a gutsy new talent on the […]

Book Review: A Dance with Dragons

Author: George R.R. Martin ~ Pages: 1016pp ~ Publisher: Harper Collins ~ Year: 2011 The Low-Down: It’s been six years coming, but the latest volume of A Song of Ice and Fire has arrived, just in time to follow the acclaimed HBO TV adaptation of Game of Thrones – and George R.R. Martin is showing no sign of softening his approach. As […]

The Friday Linkfest (25/03/11): In Links We Trust

Wonder Woman costume revealled, half of internet goes into apopleptic shock. Apparently the boots are the wrong colour. And the whole thing just looks a bit too halloween costume for some people. I looked at it and thought “Well, it’s not ideal, but it does look a hell of a lot more like Wonder Woman […]

Novel Review: The Dancers at the End of Time

Author: Michael Moorcock ~ Pages: 672pp ~ Publisher: Gollancz ~ Year: 1981 The Low-Down: A magical, whimsical and beautifully written trilogy of eccentric science fiction from one of fantasy literature’s biggest names, this is also a time-travel romance that’s witty, well-crafted and ultimately moving. What’s it About?: Far in the future, near the end of […]

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