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Games: Why you should be playing Star Wars: TIE Fighter

In case it had escaped your attention, a thing called “Star Wars” is pretty hot right now. Confounding doomsayers who predicted that Disney’s buyout of Lucasfilm in 2012 would be the death knell of the venerable franchise, it’s fair to say that excitement about the space opera saga is higher now than it’s been since […]

Video: Outside Aperture (A Portal fanfilm)

Fan films are a sometimes fascinating subgenre, especially with digital effects getting cheaper and cheaper to realise, and this particular fan film takes one of the most distinctive games ever made and actually manages to capture the oddball mood. There’s a reason why computer gamers go into complete geek-pleasure mode over Portal – it was […]

Video: Zombie Surprise (The jaw-dropping ‘Dead Island’ computer game trailer)

A computer game featuring Zombies is hardly news, nor is the fact that it’s obviously going to be insanely violent. The trailer for the upcoming Zombie game Dead Island, however, is something different. Computer game trailers like this have been getting more impressive over the last few years (Hell, the recent ones for upcoming MMORPG […]

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